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Copyright 2007


      Please understand that Bill is a comedian first and a political satirist second. Therefore, he can take all the creative license that he wants. I don’t care if he bends or distorts the truth a little for the sake of humor. He isn’t someone who I am relying on for important details about world affairs. What I get from him is stimulation to think and doubt and reason and laugh at all the funny ways in which humans behave.

      The reason that I want to point out his big flaw is not that I dislike him or disagree with him or think he is intentionally doing anything wrong. Rather, I think his big flaw is funny and I am very serious about being funny.

      First of all, you must understand that Bill has some long standing and deep seeded anger. He is pissed. He was a bright but nerdy little Jewish kid who received his fair share of abuse back in the day when elementary schools didn’t give a rat’s ass who was getting bullied. In fact, back then being a bully was an honorable profession.

      Now, he’s pissed and is extracting revenge on all those morons who made fun of him. In fact, he is utilizing psychological defense mechanisms such as humor and intellectualization which, to his credit, are second semester defense mechanisms. He takes all that pent up anger and creates very intelligent humor. He finds some relief by saying these things in public but, alas, the people who are the real butt of his jokes rarely even get them. So, he keeps trying and has made an entire career out of it.

      So, what is his big flaw?

      Bill has this delusional idea that if things aren’t making sense, then all he has to do is talk enough and joke enough and everyone will see his logic. When people see his logic then things will start making sense again.

      Just ain’t gonna happen.

      I would like to share with Bill one little tidbit of knowledge that I have gained over the years, "Being right has a threshold over which is a point of diminishing returns." In other words, it is possible to be so right that you are wrong. In fact, if you are over the threshold of being right then the more you try to be further right the more you are wrong.

      For example, religion makes no sense to you. It is inherently illogical. It causes people to do horrible things to each other. Especially the monotheistic religions, you know, the ones that believe there is only one way to think. Sorry, I mean only one God. No, I guess I mean only one way to think. In any case, you have this delusional idea that if you talk enough then everyone will finally see how illogical religion is and start being nice to one another...just ain’t gonna happen.

      But why?

      Here’s the thing, Silly. The whole idea of religion is to have an escape from reality not to have a factually accurate science of the universe. Now, I am trying very hard to live in my fantasy world. Could you please stop trying to make me live in the real world. My fantasy world is much more pleasurable.

      As bizarre as this may seem to you, logic is not the goal for most people. Most humans want to be illogical and unreasonable. Most people are neurotic and they want what they want and logic only foils their ability to get what they want. By trying to inflict logic on people you are actually being an asshole yourself...hmmmm.

      Perhaps, you are incapable of being illogical. Perhaps, you can't live in a fantasy world. You are doomed forever to be rational and live in the real world.

      You poor bastard.