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An American Made Bullet To The Pre-Frontal Cortex


Copyright 05/02/2011


            Osama Bin Laden died in his bedroom when an American Navy Seal put a bullet in his brain.

            Wow!  I thought he would die due to illness or old age.  I even pondered the paranoid idea that we wanted to keep him alive so we would have an excuse to keep fighting.  I am oddly serene this morning as I drink my Columbian roast and contemplate a world without Mr. Laden. 

            You know, it could not have come at a better time.  Al Qaeda has been hurting for new recruits since Barack Obama became president of the United States and this cannot have helped.  Also, every country in Africa that has a bad government is revolting without Al Qaeda.  That must be petty embarrassing.  These revolts are not being carried out by radicals.  Mainstream citizens are revolting and they want US and NATO help and they want democracy.  And they don't want Bin Laden.  Perhaps Egypt is an exception but it now appears their revolt my not succeed.  

            Furthermore, the idea that us Christians would be passive and "forgive" our enemies and not respond to a direct attack, as Bin Laden had preached, was decisively proven false.  We spoke their language when we shot him.  They understand the idea that we will find you and we will kill you.  This message is easy for them to comprehend.

            There will be a few revenge attempts, I am sure, but in the long run I think that American foreign policy has comfortably returned to being one that "speaks softly and carries a big stick."

            I also thought that maybe he was living in the lap of luxury and laughing at us.  Since he was narcissistic enough to welcome public knowledge of his leadership in the 9-11 attack, I figured he would have expected us to come after him.  I thought maybe he planned this out and is living comfortably on an island in the south Pacific.  Silly me.

            It warms my heart to know that he has been under house arrest for 10 years and living every day with the fear that we were coming.  We probably came close to getting him in his cave in Western Afghanistan.  That is likely why they moved him to a house in a populated suburb.

            Ironically, the part of his anatomy that got him in trouble is the part we hit.  His pre-frontal cortex, which performed all of the elaborate rationalizations that he is so famous for, felt the burning lead of an American bullet. Lewis Black would call that a BULLS-FUCKING-EYE!!