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Michael Jackson

Copyright 2009

            MJ is a great dancer and singer and he has a rare charisma similar to Elvis or James Dean.  Today, July 7, 2009, is his memorial service.  It should be the largest funeral that Hollywood has ever seen.  Millions of people all over the world are expressing their love and adoration for him.

            As I listen to all the hype it seems to me that most people think he is some sort of strange and asexual man-child who is a bit warped but very kind.  They also think he has an unusual but not malicious affection for children, especially little boys.  Because he was not actually convicted of sexually abusing anyone most people think he couldn't possibly be a pedophile.  They even see him as the victim of police brutality and unfair media bias.

            So, what do you think?

            Is he a substance abusing pedophile or a sweat and caring man who is simply misunderstood.


            Well, after paying $22 million dollars to Jordan Chandler in 1994 in order to avoid a trial where he would have faced charges of child molestation, he entered a drug rehab program to get off opioid and sedative medications.  Over the next 14 years he faced repeated allegations of child molestation and was frequently seen holding and touching children in a seemingly inappropriate way.  He created a theme park called Neverland on his Los Angeles property and had numerous children stay overnight with him and sleep in his bed. 

            His sister said he was a pedophile then retracted it. 

            He was arrested and charged with seven counts of child molestation in 2005.  The prosecution paraded numerous witnesses who were potential victims but their stories were inconsistent.  The mother of the main victim was mentally disturbed and her testimony was worthless.  He was acquitted on all counts but during the trial numerous credible witnesses claimed to have seen very suspicious behavior.

            He attended substance abuse treatment again and by all accounts was continuing his habit right up to the bitter end.

            Despite being crowned as the king of pop he did not have a long string of female lovers.  Compared to Elvis and Jagger he was an altar boy.  There are only two girls that we know of that could have had sex with him.  Elvis's daughter may have but her story seems unreliable.  An Australian woman bore him two children but he describes this as her giving him a "gift." 

            His final child was done in-vitro with an unknown mother. 

            Like a lot of pedophiles he dresses and talks like a little boy.  Also, like a lot of pedophiles, he has really bizarre notions of how to appropriately interact with a child.  Most pedophiles genuinely love the children they abuse and they do the abuse in a seemingly kind way.  Then they talk about their relationships with the children in glowing terms and they twist the truth to convince themselves that they are really loving and caring for the kids.  Exactly like Michael does.

            Most people probably don't know very many pedophiles or, at least, they don't know that they know very many.  These folks are the most marginated group in society.  Even in prison they must be separated from the other inmates.  They tend to lie and conceal who they are and what they do.  They tend to get caught doing things they should not be doing.  As a result they get placed on psychiatry units.  I have known a number of them.  They make up about 2% of the population and most of them are men. 

            Michael might seem odd if you try to think of him as a normal man but if you think of him as a pedophile he is quite ordinary.  He is a performer so he might dress a bit more outlandishly but he walks and talks and looks like a routine pedophile to me.

            I think that Michael Jackson is a substance abusing pedophile and I think we will be finding this out more and more in the near future.  I could be wrong but as my grand pappy used to say, "If it smells like a pig and looks like a pig and sounds like a pig…you know what…it's probably a pig."