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Tolerance Doesn't Work

Copyright 2008

     Barack Hussein Obama II, J.D., has endured years of racism.  He belongs to a marginated minority of human beings.  He is, I'm sorry to say, an Intelligent Person (IP).  In the case of Mr. Obama, his intelligence is easy to see and therefore it is the thing that bigots target the most. However, we sometimes forget that he is only 50% IP.  His mom was a Tolerant Person (TP).

      TPs are generally discriminated against to an even greater extent than IPs. In fact, there were several IPs among our founding fathers but there was not one single TP. Most of those men, with the possible exception of Jefferson, generally hated other people that thought or looked different. It could be argued that this intolerance was the fundamental reason for a revolution that won freedom for all those who are the same gender, color, religion and, also, that agree with us…I guess.

      Racism against TPs is the one form of racism that I don't know a lot about. You see, I have never actually known a truly tolerant person. Therefore, I cannot speak from personal experience.

     I did know a guy once who said he was tolerant of everyone. Then, I overheard him say, "I hate all those Stupid Assholes who are voting for McCain."

      Wow…he says he is tolerant but then he says that he hates the largest ethnic group in the country. I am sure that the SAs (Stupid Assholes) would be very upset. No, the SAs might not even know that they are stupid. You know, because they are stupid. Even if they did know they wouldn’t care. You know, because they are assholes.

     While writing this editorial about tolerance, I suddenly had a revelation. I realized that I am totally wrong. I started off thinking that tolerance was a good thing, then, I had an epiphany. I now think that tolerance is bad. No, I think that tolerance is evil.

      I was trying to be sarcastic and make fun of people who hated other people but then I realized all the people that I hate. Let's see, I hate Morons (Mo's). I hate Selfish Persons (SPs) and I really hate Selfish Morons (SMs). I hate Mean Persons (MPs). I hate Greedy Persons (GPs) and I really hate Mean and Greedy Persons (M&GPs). But most of all I absolutely hate Intolerant Persons (IPs). Hey Intelligent People and Intolerant People are both IPs.

     That proves it!

     Tolerance is a bad thing.

-Levystien 10/23/08