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Vick The Dick

Copyright 2007

      A police dog identifies marijuana in the car of Michael Vick’s cousin and a search of a property owned by Vick uncovers dog fighting equipment. Michael Vick denies visiting his six million dollar home very often and he denies having knowledge of any dog fighting enterprise. One month later he takes responsibility, asks for forgiveness, and goes to jail.

      I eat beef, elk, salmon, lobster, shrimp, buffalo, pheasant, and quail. I fish for bass, hunt deer, wear elephant boots, and kill rodents but dogs, horses, chimps and dolphins are off limits to me. However, in India cows are off limits. In central Asia they eat horses and in the Far East they eat chimps. I think somewhere or other they eat dogs. I don’t know if there are still any tribes that eat humans, but I bet there are. So, why is cruelty to animals such a big deal?

      Not that Vick isn’t a dick but…

      Cock fights and dog fights are a vibrant part of the culture in the southern United States, so why is it so bad?

      Understand that Michael Vick did not simply put down a few fighting dogs due to injury. He had hundreds of dogs put to death. How do you think fighting dogs are trained?

      Normally, it is an activity that poor and rural people engage in on a relatively small scale. The sheer magnitude of Vick’s operation is astounding. Usually a small number of family pets are stolen to train one fighting dog but in Vick’s case I am sure he could afford to purchase hundreds of dogs for such a purpose. How he got away with it for 6 years boggles the mind.

      Dogs can probably trace their ancestry to wild wolves or wolverines or coyotes or something of that nature. There are always a few members of any pack that are sort of silly or less aggressive. These animals were singled out and cared for by humans and bred for docile behavior. Thousands of years later they are totally dependent on us for their very survival. We made them that way. Now, training them to be aggressive and watching them fight to the death for sport seems a bit cruel to say the least.

So, ya…Vick is a Dick.