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Yoko Romo

Copyright 2007

      Yoko, Monica, and Jessica...OK, even back to Helen of Troy or Cleopatra girls have been credited with the downfall of powerful men. The thing is that men will always have hormones and will always chase girls. It is a given.

      Men fail or succeed regardless of the obvious presence of a single woman.

      In the first round of the '07 NFL playoffs, I don’t think anyone in their wildest dreams would have predicted that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo would be exactly in the same place 365 days after he fumbled away their playoff lives. And, unless you count the de-faced poster in his bedroom at home, I don’t think it’s fair to say he had a relationship with Jessica Simpson in 2006. Yet, we can’t stop talking about Jessica.

      Jessica, Jessica, Jessica…

      OK, perhaps it is something that might interest the girls in football for half a second and maybe that is good but…God…it’s annoying.

      Why do we think that Jessica is responsible for the Giants having a great defensive line? And how is Yoko at fault for John and Paul being equally great talents with opposing artistic expressions? For that matter, how does Bill Clinton getting a blow job affect anything?

      Here is the thing; if you are president of the strongest country in the free world, then you can get a blow job. If you are John Lennon then you can screw whoever you want and if you are the quarterback of America’s team, then you can take your girlfriend to Mexico.

      Oh, and the Beatles didn’t break up just because John was getting him some.